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Is “The Maze Runner” Appropriate for Kids

Though I never read the books, I was curious to watch the movie based on The Maze Runner.  My kids were interested too since the trailers appealed to people who liked things like The Hunger Games or Divergent.  We all … Continue reading

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Mommy Superpowers

I may not look like a superhero, wear a costume, or fly, but for my kids, I feel like I have superpowers.  This will, I’m sure, change as they grow but for now it’s great.  I’m sure many of you … Continue reading

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Back to School Blues

Today my kids, like many others, went back to school after summer break.  It was a morning of mixed feelings. They were excited about seeing their friends again along with the curiosity about what adventures the new class would hold. … Continue reading

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Camp Mommy is Tiring!

This summer like many others, the kids are primarily home with me.  I enrolled them in some half day camps so they can learn cool new things but being a stay-at-home mom, I get to entertain them the rest of … Continue reading

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Big Summer Fun on a Small Budget

Last summer we went on two big trips with the family which was lots of fun but not cheap.  This year we wanted to keep the summer fun within a budget since we spent a lot on our spring vacation. … Continue reading

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Is ‘Man of Steel’ for Kids?

This weekend we went to see the latest superhero blockbuster ‘Man of Steel’.  Of course my kids, ages 10 and 8, were the most excited to go despite the PG-13 rating.  So my husband and I had to do a … Continue reading

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Family Adventure to Comic-Con

Comic-Con was always something I heard about but never thought to go to until this year.  I saw an ad for tickets and it suddenly occurred to me….why not?  I mean it is all about sci-fi, superheroes, fantasy, and creativity … Continue reading

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