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Driving Each Other Crazy

Stuck in a house together, socially distancing from the world but completely trapped together with your family.  Many people have mentioned they are driving each other crazy.  It is understandable.  Our relationships were not built on this much togetherness.  Some … Continue reading

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A Silver Lining for the Covid-19 Crisis

There is so much stress and panic over the Covid-19 virus.  Everyone is on edge, worried about their loved ones and trying to figure out how to adjust their daily lives to be safe.  This is a first experience for … Continue reading

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2017 Academy Awards

Those who know me know that I get very excited about Oscar night every year since I’m a huge movie buff.  Last night’s event had me glued to the television as well and here are my thoughts.  First, I may … Continue reading

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Food with Friends and Family

I’ve always loved good food as a way to connect with people and celebrate.  I know that these days that would be called ’emotional eating’ and would be discouraged but I still think it can be a good thing if … Continue reading

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Dare to be Different

I understand why being different requires ‘daring’.  Whether by design or by accident, when one leads a life that is different, there are many challenges that require strength of character to overcome.  I’m not even talking about leading a very … Continue reading

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Should Money Determine Worth??

Lately it’s been bothering me that our society, or maybe it’s just certain privileged communities, are judging people’s worth and accomplishments by how much money they earn.  Most of these salaries are arbitrary and aren’t really a good gauge of … Continue reading

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Tech skills killing social skills??

‘Kids of today are great at iPod, iPad, iPhone but not at EYE contact”, a friend recently said to me.  This really hit home because I started to notice a lot of our kids nowadays are so much more adept … Continue reading

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Superbowl- An Awesome Event!

So as I mentioned, I don’t generally keep up with football but make a habit of always watching the Superbowl.  Well, it was definitely worth it!  It didn’t hurt, of course, that our home team won.  However, the game was … Continue reading

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How do we keep up with social media and our online friendships?

In an age of email, IM, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, how do we keep things organized and avoid social media overload?  These days many of our friends are people we rarely see in person but follow regularly online.  Whether it be … Continue reading

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