Monthly Archives: March 2020

The Invisible Enemy

Staying inside Constantly terrified Of a looming threat, That we can’t see. Never thought I’d be a danger To my Mom and Dad. Staying away For everyone’s safety. Never knowing when We could become deadly. Some are paralyzed But Others … Continue reading

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Driving Each Other Crazy

Stuck in a house together, socially distancing from the world but completely trapped together with your family.  Many people have mentioned they are driving each other crazy.  It is understandable.  Our relationships were not built on this much togetherness.  Some … Continue reading

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A Silver Lining for the Covid-19 Crisis

There is so much stress and panic over the Covid-19 virus.  Everyone is on edge, worried about their loved ones and trying to figure out how to adjust their daily lives to be safe.  This is a first experience for … Continue reading

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