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So I finally convinced my husband to watch The Godfather I & II, two of my favorite movies.  He fought me for ages feeling it was not a big deal not to have watched them.  I think he felt it … Continue reading

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Play dates for Moms…

Whenever I chat with a new mom, my advice is always to go out with the baby and meet other moms.  This is something that kept me sane and made full-time motherhood very enjoyable for me.  I met some other … Continue reading

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Tech skills killing social skills??

‘Kids of today are great at iPod, iPad, iPhone but not at EYE contact”, a friend recently said to me.  This really hit home because I started to notice a lot of our kids nowadays are so much more adept … Continue reading

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We are the Sandwich Generation!

  Lately I’ve had a lot on my mind regarding my family.  We’ve been sandwiched between the concern for our parents and the duties to our children and the stress of this economy only makes it worse.  Luckily both my … Continue reading

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Teaching our kids community service…

Many of our kids are growing up quite comfortable financially and they often have little exposure to others that are not.  They have a very narrow and privileged view of the world.  They are definitely lucky and I wouldn’t want … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day!

Many people complain that this is a fake, Hallmark created holiday.  Well whatever started it, I don’t think it is so bad.  Like every other holiday, it is a reason to take a moment to appreciate something in life.  In … Continue reading

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Kids Are Making Mommy Adventurous!!!

Being a cautious person by nature and one with little athletic ability, I wasn’t very adventurous growing up.  I think that may be changing though, because of my kids.  I think I am feeling the need to face some fears … Continue reading

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Single Mom for a week- good or bad??

Though I’m blessed with a stable marriage, my husband travels quite a bit leaving me as an occasional single parent.  This can be hard work since all duties fall on my shoulders and there is no relief.  There is no … Continue reading

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Vampire Diaries….compelling to watch!

Though it’s a show based on teenagers and vampires, Vampire Diaries still has the ability to draw a more mature audience.  It is a great show that is actually much better than the books it is based on.  The setting … Continue reading

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How do you stay upbeat when everything seems to be going wrong?

You are having the craziest week. You don’t have a major life crisis though. No one has died or lost their job but all the little things are adding up. It seems like the world is conspiring against you. Your chronic knee … Continue reading

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