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Dexter Comes Back Strong

Article first published as TV Review: Dexter Comes Back Strong on Blogcritics. This Sunday night was the much awaited season premiere of the hit show Dexter and it did not disappoint. Sunday night is full of popular shows but Showtime’s award-winning shows can hold their own … Continue reading

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‘Once Upon a Time’…my kids had nightmares

Our family has been a big fan of the show ‘Once Upon a Time’ (OUAT) since it started in the fall.  It was so creative and well done.  The basic story for those that don’t follow it is….The evil queen … Continue reading

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Superbowl- An Awesome Event!

So as I mentioned, I don’t generally keep up with football but make a habit of always watching the Superbowl.  Well, it was definitely worth it!  It didn’t hurt, of course, that our home team won.  However, the game was … Continue reading

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Don’t let Reality TV kill creativity….

So today I’m in mourning over the cancellation of a show I grew up with, One Life To Live.  I watched it on and off over the years but always kept track of the stories. Since I left my job … Continue reading

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