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Close…though not Close-by

I have recently been spending time with relatives/friends who I only see every few years, yet the love does not seem diminished.  I have come to believe that once certain relationships achieve a connection, they can withstand time and distances. … Continue reading

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Should Money Determine Worth??

Lately it’s been bothering me that our society, or maybe it’s just certain privileged communities, are judging people’s worth and accomplishments by how much money they earn.  Most of these salaries are arbitrary and aren’t really a good gauge of … Continue reading

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Transit Troubles

“All trains cancelled due to Amtrak signal problems.” “Flight delays.”  Notices like this are becoming way too common. In an age where we are worried about conserving fuel and want to encourage mass transit, why is it that all our … Continue reading

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To Infinity and Beyond…

During this spring break, we took our kids to Florida and they visited Kennedy Space Center for the first time.  As much as they enjoyed the thrilling rides of the Orlando amusement parks, I was glad to see them marvel … Continue reading

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