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Bracing for Hurricane Sandy

We’re bracing ourselves for Hurricane Sandy so I can’t write about anything else.  No matter what else you’re doing, this storm is looming overhead and in the back of our minds.  My kids are surprised that mommy and daddy don’t … Continue reading

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Super PTO Moms

Our children’s schools would not be the same without the PTO, which is primarily moms (though I totally appreciate the many dads that help as well).  These parents devote time and do so much to make sure our kids have … Continue reading

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Soccer Dads

It’s soccer season for many of our kids and this takes a lot of family commitment.  Every weekend belongs partially to soccer and for some families there are weekday practices as well.  During my many hours on the field, I’ve … Continue reading

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Homeland Season Premiere

Showtime’s intense CIA/terrorist/government based thrillerHomeland is back for its second season.  The first season was amazing as evidenced by the multiple Emmys they received, including best drama, actor, actress, and writing.  This show invokes paranoia, patriotism and sympathy and keeps the … Continue reading

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Dexter Comes Back Strong

Article first published as TV Review: Dexter Comes Back Strong on Blogcritics. This Sunday night was the much awaited season premiere of the hit show Dexter and it did not disappoint. Sunday night is full of popular shows but Showtime’s award-winning shows can hold their own … Continue reading

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Allergies Attack!

Allergy season is here again, though for some it never left.  Both my kids have horrible seasonal allergies.  I guess they inherited it from me and my husband, but mostly from me.  All day today I’ve been dealing with a … Continue reading

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