Bracing for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane, Sandy, Storm, FrankenstormWe’re bracing ourselves for Hurricane Sandy so I can’t write about anything else.  No matter what else you’re doing, this storm is looming overhead and in the back of our minds.  My kids are surprised that mommy and daddy don’t normally watch the news this much.  It isn’t that we stay ignorant about the world but we generally get our news on the internet.  Today is a different kind of day where we are trying to get all the live coverage from every channel about this ‘Frankenstorm’.

We are watching due to our slight fear of what will happen with our power or potential damage to our homes and for those we care about.  Yet, there is a greater concern for all the people who live in the high risk areas such as the shore line.  We also hear about the searches for homeless people to try to get them to shelters and I get chills thinking about it.  We are definitely fortunate to be in our homes even if we do lose power for a few days.  After seeing the damage to infrastructure and lives from Hurricane Katrina, you realize how bad things can get during a natural disaster.  It isn’t something to take lightly.  If it does pass without the expected destruction then we should be happy and not criticize the meteorologists and leaders that encouraged us to protect ourselves.

It is a strange feeling right now as we see heavy rain, intense winds and are told to stay indoors but know that the storm has not yet hit us.  It is a period of waiting and wondering how bad it will be.  The constant news coverage can make you even more panicky but yet your curiosity and fear don’t let you turn it off but for short periods.  You try to keep busy in the house, clean up, read, catch up on work, eat, but then you’re back to the news when you see the crazy wind gusts outside and the rain blowing sideways.

Well it is a few hours away and our shore communities are already underwater.  We pray that there isn’t any loss of life and that there is minimal loss of homes.  Many are inconvenienced and businesses are closed but that will pass quickly if there isn’t more serious devastation.  I send loving thoughts to my family, friends and all the strangers dealing with this. Good luck and I’ll see you post-Sandy!

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