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Can’t Complain About Chronic Pain

“Oh, you’re not feeling well? (Again)”  The ‘Again’ is the main reaction rather than sympathy for someone with a chronic sickness or problem.  I know the feeling to some extent since I’ve been struggling with some cervical spine issues that … Continue reading

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Lincoln- Great Movie

I had the recent pleasure to watch the movie, Lincoln twice.  It was great both times.  The acting by Daniel Day-Lewis as the president and Sally Field as the first lady was wonderful.  They were truly transformed into their characters.  Tommy … Continue reading

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The latest Bond installment has been doing very well in the box office, and rightly so.  It was a very good movie.  The last two Bond movies starring Daniel Craig had a different style.  They showed a more angry, serious … Continue reading

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Politics- When Kids Behave and Adults Misbehave

This year’s presidential election has shown me things I never saw in previous elections.  Part of this is because I can see it through the eyes of my now school-age children.  The other reason is because I never saw so … Continue reading

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Just Going Through the Motions

Ever have one of those days when things just seem sad and too much to handle?  You have lots to do so you keep at it and go through the motions of your life.  You know a bit of what … Continue reading

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It Takes a Village to Survive Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has passed but the aftermath is something that all of us in NJ/NYC are still suffering through.  I live in NJ and my husband works in NYC so we’ve been affected by the mess in both.  It has … Continue reading

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