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Big Summer Fun on a Small Budget

Last summer we went on two big trips with the family which was lots of fun but not cheap.  This year we wanted to keep the summer fun within a budget since we spent a lot on our spring vacation. … Continue reading

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Happy Retirement!

My mom retired today after 40 years of service and it got me thinking about the different ages people retire at these days.  Many people continue to work for financial reasons because in our recent economy, they can’t afford not … Continue reading

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Is my Inner Child Gone?

Yesterday at the park, I noticed a child rolling down a hill.  She laid herself flat on the grass, rolled all the way down then got up smiling and ran up to do it again.  My first reaction to this … Continue reading

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Vacation Utopia

We recently went on a family vacation to Jamaica and it gave me time to reflect on the importance of family vacations, whether they are simple or extravagant.  Stepping away from real-life stressors for a while can be critical to … Continue reading

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Too Much Summer Fun??

So the kids are home on summer break and my husband and I are always struggling with whether to let them just play and have fun or whether they should be ‘productive’.  I mean is there such a thing as … Continue reading

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Field trip frenzy!

Recently I joined my son’s 3rd grade class on a field trip to a farm.  It was quite a chaperoning adventure but I got to make some interesting observations.  We started off from the school late because we couldn’t fit … Continue reading

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