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Big Summer Fun on a Small Budget

Last summer we went on two big trips with the family which was lots of fun but not cheap.  This year we wanted to keep the summer fun within a budget since we spent a lot on our spring vacation. … Continue reading

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Dare to be Different

I understand why being different requires ‘daring’.  Whether by design or by accident, when one leads a life that is different, there are many challenges that require strength of character to overcome.  I’m not even talking about leading a very … Continue reading

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Is ‘Man of Steel’ for Kids?

This weekend we went to see the latest superhero blockbuster ‘Man of Steel’.  Of course my kids, ages 10 and 8, were the most excited to go despite the PG-13 rating.  So my husband and I had to do a … Continue reading

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Family Adventure to Comic-Con

Comic-Con was always something I heard about but never thought to go to until this year.  I saw an ad for tickets and it suddenly occurred to me….why not?  I mean it is all about sci-fi, superheroes, fantasy, and creativity … Continue reading

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