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Brain Clogged by the Election

I’ve been asked why I haven’t blogged in so long…well, my brain is clogged by this election.  It’s been so stressful and contentious and it has been hard not to be distracted by all that.  I mean I carry on … Continue reading

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When it Rains it Pours

Why is that when you’re feeling down, things often seem to get worse.  I’ve been there before and also heard from many friends when they seem to be having a spree of really bad luck. Lately, I started to notice a pattern … Continue reading

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Not Enough Mom-Me Time Anymore

So, parenting is supposed to get easier as the kids grow up right? Nope, I wouldn’t say so.  We tell a new mom to sleep when the baby sleeps and people rally around to give the parents a much needed … Continue reading

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A Soccer Mom’s Perspective on FIFA World Cup

I generally don’t care to play or watch sports. I only watch a few games a year and that is more for the social aspect.  However, now that my son’s both play soccer, I am getting into watching this sport.  … Continue reading

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What Do You Tell Your Kids About This Scary World?

I was not ready when my son came home from first grade telling me he learned about the 9/11 attacks and the wars going on.  I wanted to shelter my kids from thoughts of such evil in the world for … Continue reading

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The New India

When I was growing up, India, the country of my heritage was considered a third world country.  The India that my kids are growing up seeing is a whole different place, however.  So much has changed in a few decades. … Continue reading

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Happy Retirement!

My mom retired today after 40 years of service and it got me thinking about the different ages people retire at these days.  Many people continue to work for financial reasons because in our recent economy, they can’t afford not … Continue reading

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