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Forced to Sit Around

Why is it that we long for time to relax but when we are forced to by a doctor, we hate it?  I had a medical procedure yesterday and was told to rest for a few days but now I’m … Continue reading

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Positive Attitude

Last week I learned that my uncle’s store in India was completely ravaged by a fire.  Luckily no one was hurt but three families rely on this store as a source of income.  My mom told me the news and … Continue reading

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Off to a New School

Yesterday was my older son’s last day in his school which only goes through third grade.  We are having mixed emotions about this.  One on hand I’m happy to see him growing up and reaching different milestones but on the … Continue reading

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Madagascar 3- woo hoo!

This weekend my husband and I took our kids to watch Madagascar 3.  We had all been looking forward to it from the first trailer we saw for it.  Well, it did not disappoint!  The kids thoroughly enjoyed it and … Continue reading

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Parenting…not getting easier

So when the kids were babies, I used to wonder when things would get easier.  It was tough when they were so helpless and couldn’t do anything but cry to communicate.  There was constant nursing, diaper changes, carrying or at … Continue reading

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Wedding Woes

Wedding season is here and it seems like for as much fun and enjoyment that brings, there are almost as many headaches.  Recently, we have been to a few weddings and all we heard about was arguments over guest lists … Continue reading

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