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Disability Services at Universities

Recently, I spent a week working at a University in an office for Disability Services.  It was quite enlightening because I never knew much about such departments or that these services existed.  One reason is that I am blessed not … Continue reading

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Smarter, Faster…but Going Nowhere???

We are in quite an age of information and technology and this is molding our lifestyles as well as the focus of our future generations.  Yet is it always for the best?  We have smart phones, smart cars, and all … Continue reading

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‘Once Upon a Time’…my kids had nightmares

Our family has been a big fan of the show ‘Once Upon a Time’ (OUAT) since it started in the fall.  It was so creative and well done.  The basic story for those that don’t follow it is….The evil queen … Continue reading

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Music Calms the Savage Beast….and Much More!

Today I went to my son, Shaan’s, 3rd grade Chimes Concert.  It was very well done and well coordinated and I enjoyed it even though I didn’t know what to expect from a chimes concert.  I was so proud of … Continue reading

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How many kids are enough?

Lately I’ve been feeling very “baby happy” since a couple of people close to me have had babies. Maybe it is also because my kids are now in Elementary school and seeing these newborns reminds me of another time, a … Continue reading

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First child frustrations

I remember having to deal with a greater level of responsibilities since I was the first child and now I see history repeating itself. I see myself naturally having higher expectations of my older child. I try to be fair … Continue reading

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There is so much talk of cyber-bullying lately.  This is something we never had to deal with as children and now have a hard time protecting our own children from this.  Luckily for now, my kids are in lower elementary … Continue reading

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