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Middle School Misery

I had heard warnings about Middle school age kids and all the challenges but I was still quite unprepared as a mom.  My loving, smiling, affectionate child turned into someone I didn’t recognize on most days.  He was distant, defiant, … Continue reading

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Smarter, Faster…but Going Nowhere???

We are in quite an age of information and technology and this is molding our lifestyles as well as the focus of our future generations.  Yet is it always for the best?  We have smart phones, smart cars, and all … Continue reading

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How do we keep up with social media and our online friendships?

In an age of email, IM, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, how do we keep things organized and avoid social media overload?  These days many of our friends are people we rarely see in person but follow regularly online.  Whether it be … Continue reading

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