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Is my Inner Child Gone?

Yesterday at the park, I noticed a child rolling down a hill.  She laid herself flat on the grass, rolled all the way down then got up smiling and ran up to do it again.  My first reaction to this … Continue reading

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2012 Emmy Awards

Last night I was glued to the TV watching the Emmy Awards to see if the Academy and I agree.  Plus, the Red Carpet is always an entertaining as well for those like me who love fashion.  So, I thought … Continue reading

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Really, Romney???

I was very disappointed by Mitt Romney‘s recent statements calling 47% of our country victims who are basically freeloaders on the government. He implies that President Obama’s supporters are all people who don’t pay taxes and don’t work hard. He … Continue reading

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My Hot Topics

Today I wanted to share my thoughts and observations on things that have caught my attention this week.  All these things, whether in the news or around me, have made me pause and think.  Maybe others were struck by some … Continue reading

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So What if it’s not a Blockbuster Film

Yesterday my husband and I wanted to go out for drinks and a movie.  However, we didn’t know what to watch because nothing seemed of the caliber of blockbuster films we’ve been watching all summer.  We looked at the reviews … Continue reading

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