2012 Emmy Awards

Emmys2012, fashion police, Emmys, Modern Family, Game ChangeLast night I was glued to the TV watching the Emmy Awards to see if the Academy and I agree.  Plus, the Red Carpet is always an entertaining as well for those like me who love fashion.  So, I thought Jimmy Kimmel did a decent job as host and some of the skits were quite amusing.  I didn’t, however, find the prank with Tracy Morgan to be very amusing.  Tracy Morgan was to pretend to pass out on stage in an effort to get everyone to start posting that he really fainted and to turn on ABC to watch.  I understand the show’s effort to become a trending internet topic and to get more viewers to turn on the show.  Though it was rather silly and boring for those of us that were already watching.

As for the winners last night, the comedy category was dominated by Modern Family which won 4 awards including best Comedy Series.  Here I totally agreed with the Academy’s choice since I think Modern Family is a hilarious show and very well acted.  The comedic lead actor and actress were Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men) and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep).  I guess Jon Cryer continues to give a good performance despite the changed co-star.

The awards in the Drama category were dominated by the HBO series Homeland which took the Emmy’s for Best Series, Writing, Lead Actor and Lead Actress.  I agreed that this is an excellent show on a delicate subject and has very powerful acting by Claire Danes and Damian Lewis.  I definitely look forward to watching the second season of this show that delves into politics and terrorism while keeping the viewers engaged into the very human and flawed characters.  I was also very happy to see Aaron Paul win best Supporting Actor for Breaking Bad.  This is a series that I had only started to watch this past summer but it got me completely addicted.  I’m sad that it is in its final season now but it’s had a great run.  The surprise in the Drama category was that Mad Men didn’t win anything, despite having 17 nominations this year.

The big winner in the Movie/Miniseries category was HBO’s political movie Game Change.  Yet the History Channel’s Hatfields & McCoys were also honored.  Kevin Costner received the lead actor Emmy and Tom Berenger won the supporting actor award for this historical based miniseries.

All in all it was a good show and the fashion and glamour were at its best (and sometimes worst).  My personal fashion favorites were Sofia Vergara and Tina Fey.  The not so nice looks in my opinion were Julianne Moore whose dress color and shape did not flatter.  Also, the choice of maternity gown was a total fail for Claire Danes since it had no shape and looked like she wrapped herself in a yellow sheet.  So I look forward to a fresh new television season of old favorites and some newbies that show potential!  What were your favorites last night???

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3 Responses to 2012 Emmy Awards

  1. Tarra says:

    completely agree on Tina Fey; I thought her dress was gorgeous and that she wore it really well!


  2. hbhl11 says:

    my hubby and I just started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix this year and became addicted. Now, we have to wait until the first half of the final season comes to Netflix before we’ll watch it again. And I just started watching Mad Men last month. Addicted to that too now. And my hubby and I LOVE Modern Family. It’s one of the only things we watch together!!


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