Really, Romney???

Romney, taxes, tax returns, ObamaI was very disappointed by Mitt Romney‘s recent statements calling 47% of our country victims who are basically freeloaders on the government. He implies that President Obama’s supporters are all people who don’t pay taxes and don’t work hard. He misrepresents so many facts and insults half our population. I really fear for our country’s future if we elect a leader who is so out of touch with reality. He is basically insulting the elderly and those under the poverty line. Yet there are many profitable, large corporations like G.E. that are paying little, if any income tax. So many rich people in this country are paying so little taxes and hiding their wealth in other countries. Romney himself won’t disclose any more tax returns which gives us reason to believe that he is hiding something as well.

How is it that he feels sorry for those rich people yet he thinks that the less wealthy are horrible for feeling ‘entitled to food and healthcare’? The disparity between the very rich and poor is at its most extreme. The type of policies that Romney backs will only make this worse. His supporters may not think there is anything wrong with the rich getting richer and others suffering but historically this has only led to bad things. A nation where the majority is unhappy and suffering leads to hate, crime, and less consumerism. Many rich people feel that they worked harder or did the right things to earn their success and therefore look down on the less fortunate. However, often this is not the case. Many times it is just bad luck, bad health or circumstances that result in one person being poorer than another and not because they didn’t get an education or work just as hard. Should our country let all these people fall and suffer because they somehow deserved this?

It’s not that I don’t feel there are people out there that abuse the system but I don’t think that this means we should take things away from genuine causes. There are plenty of people on welfare or Medicaid that lie about not having money but there are also plenty of rich people who hide their money or use loopholes to not do their share as well. I think there are reforms that can be used on both sides and as someone in the middle, I would appreciate someone improving the system. However Romney has not been forthcoming about his own practices as far as paying taxes and he is also not giving the public any details on how he plans to change the tax laws if elected. Many have said that he would take away credits for mortgage interest. Well most average Americans have a large chunk of their money invested in their homes so that credit really helps us and taking it away would increase our taxes.

Sadly though, he is pretty close to Obama in the polls and could very well become president. Many people are frustrated that the President did not work miracles in this first term and are getting very impatient. I understand the frustrations, especially for those who have not been able to find jobs or have lost their homes. However, a lot of damage was done during the Bush administration and it is a slow recovery. I’m sure there are no miracles that Romney could work either but I do believe most of America will suffer under his proposed policies. Let’s see what happens and pray for the country!

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