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The Wonder Woman Movie- a Mom Review

This past weekend my family went to see the long-awaited Wonder Woman movie and we were not disappointed.  We are a family of comic/sci-fi/superhero buffs so we were all excited and not happy that life interfered and made us wait … Continue reading

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Family Adventure to Comic-Con

Comic-Con was always something I heard about but never thought to go to until this year.  I saw an ad for tickets and it suddenly occurred to me….why not?  I mean it is all about sci-fi, superheroes, fantasy, and creativity … Continue reading

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‘Once Upon a Time’…my kids had nightmares

Our family has been a big fan of the show ‘Once Upon a Time’ (OUAT) since it started in the fall.  It was so creative and well done.  The basic story for those that don’t follow it is….The evil queen … Continue reading

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Vampire Diaries….compelling to watch!

Though it’s a show based on teenagers and vampires, Vampire Diaries still has the ability to draw a more mature audience.  It is a great show that is actually much better than the books it is based on.  The setting … Continue reading

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