Vampire Diaries….compelling to watch!

Though it’s a show based on teenagers and vampires, Vampire Diaries still has the ability to draw a more mature audience.  It is a great show that is actually much better than the books it is based on.  The setting is a very all-American town in Virginia where many of the residents are descendants of the founding fathers.  The drama comes from the fact that there are resident vampires as well.  The main vampire characters are two brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore and they happen to be in love with the same girl, Elena Gilbert.  Stefan is generally the more moral and caring brother while Damon stays more on the dark side.  Through the course of the story, however, these lines are blurred and the audience is no longer sure which is the good brother.

Every episode has a cliffhanger and keeps you wanting more.  It is great for those who love vampire stories but even those who like drama and romance.  The actors do a good job in their roles and being on CW, most everyone on the show is good-looking.  Even though many of the characters are in high school, they seem and behave much older.  That part reminds me of 90210 but there is less glitz and a more traditional feel to this group.  Here you’ll find the characters dancing the waltz in ball gowns and tuxedos instead of in bikinis at pool parties.  The writing is very creative and incorporates stories of witches and werewolves as well.  All the fantasy elements are mixed in well with normal emotions and struggles in families and relationships of all types. Vampire Diaries is truly a guilty pleasure!

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