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Driving Each Other Crazy

Stuck in a house together, socially distancing from the world but completely trapped together with your family.  Many people have mentioned they are driving each other crazy.  It is understandable.  Our relationships were not built on this much togetherness.  Some … Continue reading

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Life Can Be Shorter Than You Expect

Recently, I lost a friend to cancer and it really shook me up.  I was sad that he’s gone and I won’t ever get to see him again.  But, I was also really upset that many, many months had gone … Continue reading

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Rekindling Relationships

I recently visited my extended family in India after many years and it made me realize how important it is to rekindle relationships with loved ones.  Especially with family, you can easily take relationships for granted, feeling like they will … Continue reading

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Wedding Woes

Wedding season is here and it seems like for as much fun and enjoyment that brings, there are almost as many headaches.  Recently, we have been to a few weddings and all we heard about was arguments over guest lists … Continue reading

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Close…though not Close-by

I have recently been spending time with relatives/friends who I only see every few years, yet the love does not seem diminished.  I have come to believe that once certain relationships achieve a connection, they can withstand time and distances. … Continue reading

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Single Mom for a week- good or bad??

Though I’m blessed with a stable marriage, my husband travels quite a bit leaving me as an occasional single parent.  This can be hard work since all duties fall on my shoulders and there is no relief.  There is no … Continue reading

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