Rekindling Relationships

reconnecting, relationships, family, loveI recently visited my extended family in India after many years and it made me realize how important it is to rekindle relationships with loved ones.  Especially with family, you can easily take relationships for granted, feeling like they will always be there.  However, relationships of any type require effort and attention to flourish.  You may continue to be related by blood and maybe some sense of duty but without the effort, the feelings will fade.

This is why I wanted to make sure that I took my husband and sons to visit the relatives we had not seen in over 5 years.  When we last visited, my boys were quite young and though they had a great time, they do not remember that trip.  Some friends here have a surprised reaction that I value these connections with cousins, aunts and uncles who I only saw every few years at best.  I guess we all connected well and shared enough love and memories that sustained us during the absence.  I wanted my kids to enjoy the same feelings and get a chance to build their own connections.  I think we succeeded.

Whether it be with friends or family, we should make the effort to reconnect now and then.  I do believe that when you have a strong relationship with someone you can reconnect easily even when you don’t speak or meet regularly.  However, if there has been a long disconnect, we should try to send a note, talk, or visit.  This serves to remind both parties that the relationship is still important and has not dwindled.  This communication will work to strengthen the bond.  Of course life is busy and with so many people in our lives it is hard to regularly communicate with all but now and again we should get in touch.  In the meantime, social media helps us connect on a superficial level!

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