Oscars 2013

Academy awards, oscar night, Argo, Lincoln, Last night was my favorite awards show, the Oscars.  I love the Hollywood glamour, the excitement, and of course the celebration of the best movies and artists of the year.  Last night did not disappoint.  Though I didn’t know much about the host, Seth MacFarlane, I was pretty impressed.  He could sing, dance, tell jokes, and he wasn’t bad to look at either.  I know some people complained that his humor took things too far but what did people expect from the guy who made Ted and Family Guy.  I wasn’t thrilled with all of it either but overall he kept us interested.

The theme celebrated music in movies and that was fun to watch because it felt like a Broadway musical at times.  It was impressive to see actors sing and dance so well.  For instance, I did not know that Charlize Theron was such a good dancer.  The group numbers from Les Miserables and Chicago were very good as well and Adele was amazing as usual.

Everyone looked amazing on the red carpet as well.  Some of my favorite gowns were worn by Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana, and Naomi Watts.  Some of these looks were delicate and princess-like while others were edgy and futuristic.  They were all done well.  A couple of looks that I did not like were Helena Bonham Carter’s who loves to dress bizarrely and Kristen Stewart who looked sloppy.  As for the men, I thought Hugh Jackman looked great sporting a beard and wearing a Tom Ford tuxedo.  I noticed many of the men kept beards last night and they all looked very handsome.

As for the actual awards, Life of Pi took more awards than I expected and even the best director went to Ang Lee.  I expected Steven Spielberg to take that honor.  The best lead actor and supporting actor went to Daniel Day Lewis and Christoph Waltz, both of whom gave great speeches.  Supporting actress Oscar went to Anne Hathaway as most people expected, for her intense role as Fantine.  Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar for best actress which was great barring her tripping on the way to the stage.  I guess that lovely gown had its drawbacks.  Argo won best picture and I do think it deserved that honor.  It was up against some amazing films but that one had emotion and also kept you on the edge of your seat.  I know  the Oscars don’t generally go to the movies with the widest appeal but this time I think it did.  Lincoln was incredible but some people thought it was a bit long and slow.  Life of Pi had a fantasy appeal that I enjoyed but it would be an unusual choice.  Silver Linings Playbook was a great film as well but I don’t think it had the big screen draw of Argo.  Django Unchained was one of Tarrentino’s best in my opinion but his style is too over the top for the Academy it seems.  I didn’t watch the other nominees yet but loved all the nominated movies so far!  2013 seems like it is going to be full of superhero sequels and blockbusters so let’s see what Oscar-worthy films sneak in for next year’s awards.

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  1. I haven’t seen “Silver Linings Playbook” but I can’t wait…nice post!


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