A Silver Lining for the Covid-19 Crisis

silver liningThere is so much stress and panic over the Covid-19 virus.  Everyone is on edge, worried about their loved ones and trying to figure out how to adjust their daily lives to be safe.  This is a first experience for most of us living in the US.  It is not a good scenario, however we can look at some of the positives that can come out of this.

For the government, this is a rude awakening and shows all the gaps in our preparedness and planning.  It shows us that maybe we shouldn’t be cutting funding from the CDC and healthcare and science.  It also makes us realize that maybe we shouldn’t assume we are insulated when there are health concerns on the other side of the world.  There are no borders for disease.  We should have been ready sooner and not have buried our head in the sand.  This could hopefully help us learn from all that didn’t go so well.

For companies, this is forcing everyone to do a lot of emergency and contingency planning that they never expected.  In this day and age it is making them realize that they need to have better capabilities and acceptance of remote working.  Many companies don’t have the infrastructure to support so many employees working online at the same time.  There are many functions that are not possible to be done from home.  Whatever the case, this is making everyone figure it out and it will help for future readiness.

For individuals, it is keeping us trapped at home with our nuclear families and teaching us how to reconnect.  Luckily the weather has been mild so we can also enjoy a nice walk or toss around a ball.  At times, we will get on each other’s nerves from being stuck home during a tense time.  However, that will pass and we can remember to appreciate each other.  Play board games, watch movies, read a book and try to do the things we usually don’t make much time for since we are running around.

I also found it very heartwarming that so many people in communities are reaching out to people to offer help.  Strangers are offering to run errands, babysit or get groceries for people out of kindness.  We are suddenly checking on neighbors we rarely speak Most people recognize that there are some groups that are higher risk for infection so they might need help.  There are also people who are not able to work from home or stay home without pay and now with the schools closed they have to arrange childcare.  I am really happy that neighborhoods have been creating sign-up sheets of volunteers for those who may need assistance during the crisis.

This Covid-19 crisis is nothing we wanted or ever want to deal with again.  Hopefully, with the social-distancing it doesn’t become devastating.  However, in being forced into it, I’m happy to see that it is bringing the best out of most people.  At first it seemed like the opposite, since the leaders were busy fighting about it or hiding information.  It seemed more divisive then, but the average person shows the opposite reaction.  People are coming together in spirit and with good intentions.  Ironically, the social distancing in the physical way is making us feel more socially close than ever before!

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