Family Adventure to Comic-Con

comicComic-Con was always something I heard about but never thought to go to until this year.  I saw an ad for tickets and it suddenly occurred to me….why not?  I mean it is all about sci-fi, superheroes, fantasy, and creativity which are things that my husband, my kids and I all love.  We weren’t sure if there would be anything going on that would be inappropriate for the kids to see so I did a little research on-line and off we went.  My cousin came with us too since all these things are totally up her alley too.

It was a wonderful day for our family and a new little adventure that my kids feel should be an annual event.  I’m not sure about that but it was definitely worth going this time.  Both of them dressed up, one as Superman and the other as Iron Man.  They took pictures with all kinds of characters from Star Wars, Superheroes, and other comic characters.  They even got to do some Jedi training with light sabers and shoot at Storm Troopers.  My older son is into creating his own comic books so it was great for him to see real artists and writers in action.  They got to have caricatures of themselves drawn which served as great souvenirs.

We even had a lot of star sightings.  Though I wasn’t about to pay $30-40 for autographs or pictures with the stars, we were still happy to see them up close.  My boys even went and chatted with Brandon Routh (Superman) and shook his hand.  They were pretty thrilled about that.  My cousin and I were pretty giddy about our sightings of actors from our shows/movies like Arrow, Buffy, GI Joe, Hulk, Hercules, etc.  We even saw our teen heart-throb Andrew McCarthy, though we couldn’t figure out what his movies had to do with Comic-Con.

It was a lot more kid-friendly than I expected but still cool enough for adults.  There were plenty of Trekkies, Game of Thrones and Dexter lovers too.  The biggest following had to be for The Walking Dead and Dr. Who which are both shows I do not watch.  But I was still intrigued and found a bit of curiosity brewing for these shows that had people so obsessed.  It was a good day overall and we even got to have some good Philly cheese steaks across the street.  It was nice to see all the so-called geeky/nerdy things we enjoyed since childhood were now cool and the big money-makers.  So I would definitely recommend going if your kids are into these kinds of things and even more if you enjoy it yourself!

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2 Responses to Family Adventure to Comic-Con

  1. Foodie in WV says:

    I have been to comic con a couple of times 🙂 My husband and two boys love Dr. Who so they would be in heaven at any comic con event. Sounds like a fun day for your family!


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