Madagascar 3- woo hoo!

This weekend my husband and I took our kids to watch Madagascar 3.  We had all been looking forward to it from the first trailer we saw for it.  Well, it did not disappoint!  The kids thoroughly enjoyed it and have been singing ‘Afro circus, afro circus, polka dot polka dot afro’ every day.  It wasn’t just amusing for the kids, however.  My husband and I were laughing out loud throughout the movie.

Sometimes sequels tend to disappoint because the originality of the idea is no longer there and the story seems forced.  In this one though, I did not feel that way.  I wasn’t as crazy about Madagascar 2 but this third installment was much better.  The characters were hilarious once again.  Alex the zebra was his usual bumbling leader, Marty the zebra was goofy, and the penguins were slick and resourceful.  Even the new characters were entertaining.  I definitely recommend this movie for kids and adults!

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