A Soccer Mom’s Perspective on FIFA World Cup

FIFA, Soccer, world cup, soccer momI generally don’t care to play or watch sports. I only watch a few games a year and that is more for the social aspect.  However, now that my son’s both play soccer, I am getting into watching this sport.  It is a constant and exciting game and I find myself fully engaged.  It doesn’t have the long pauses of baseball and American football.  Though those pauses give time for TV commercials and make those sports much more profitable in the U.S.  I guess that is why we hardly see soccer matches on TV here.  However, now there is FIFA World Cup fever going on and it shows that I’m not the only one loving this sport.  Tons of people are talking about it and all the kids who play, along with their soccer moms and dads are getting excited about soccer.  It’s nice to see pro-role models for our young soccer athletes, especially ones from our own country.   It’s also great that this is something I can bond with my boys over and we can enjoy it together as a family.

I think it’s great to watch the talented and skilled players playing for their home countries.  The fact that so many of the players are good-looking is only a plus for female viewership.  My boys picking up ideas for when they kick the ball around is another plus.  One downside was that my kids’ soccer coach canceled their practice because he was too busy watching the U.S. play Ghana!  I guess he was victim to the world cup fever going around.

I think another reason that people here are so engaged is that the matches have not been going as people would have predicted.  Many of the top teams are under-performing and the underdogs are doing surprisingly well.  This means that there could be a surprise every time you watch and people feel a sense of excitement.  I know I do.  I really hope that despite the commercial/financial issues of why we don’t see as much professional soccer in the U.S., I hope things change.  This is a sport I could watch more often and would be sad to see the fun end after the world cup!  Now if only I could figure out how they are scoring and advancing teams…


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