The Avengers– Yaay!

This weekend the boys and I ended up watching the new Avengers movie twice and it did not disappoint.  We had promised their dad that we would wait for him to return from a business trip and watch it on Sunday.  But then my brother, who had come to visit before he moves out of state, asked if we would go with him on Saturday if he treated.  We all quickly agreed.  After all, we didn’t have to feel guilty about spending the money and we could enjoy it with their uncle and then their dad.

Saturday we went to an early showing and saw it in 3D.  It was great!  My boys and I are big fans of superhero movies anyway but this one was very well done.  I was excited to watch the characters and the action but I was a little concerned that it could be a mess as far as story line, etc.  I mean too many main characters could create chaos if not put together well.  However, Joss Whedon tied it all together very seamlessly.  Each of the characters got to shine and their banter with each other was hilarious.  I was impressed.

On Sunday, we went with my husband and he wanted to see it in IMAX.  We agreed and got our tickets.  We then proceeded to the back of the longest line I’ve ever seen in a theater.  It took half an hour to get seated but then the hassle was over.  It was just as entertaining as the previous day but bigger and bolder on the IMAX screen.  We loved it all over again and my husband thought it was awesome too.

I’m not surprised it is breaking record sales and I’m sure the excitement will last a while.  Disney will have quite a win with this one since my kids insisted on wearing their Marvel superhero t-shirts to school today.   They will be able to sell a lot of superhero merchandise to the likes of us.  I loved that I could enjoy, with my boys, the superheroes I watched as a kid.  It had a circle of life kind of symbolism.  I may not be a big sports or video game fan but the one thing I can definitely bond with my boys on is superheroes.  Thanks Avengers!

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5 Responses to The Avengers– Yaay!

  1. ashini says:

    How old are your boys? Isn’t this a PG13 movie due to the violence? I’m reading on other websites where parents are saying this should be at least 10+ to enjoy this.


    • Reena says:

      My boys are 9 and 7 1/2 and they were ok. There was only one scene where we told them to cover their eyes and they did. I agree that there is a lot of violence but I don’t think it was any worse or more gore than they see on the cartoon versions. Maybe we are slightly more lenient parents with the PG-13 ratings. We usually try to gauge from the previews and reviews if we think our kids would be ok with it. They seem more disturbed and confused when there are things like people dying and the emotional or scary side of it. I don’t think they get so affected by robots or monsters or superheroes. So I let them watch this but won’t let them watch Hunger Games despite the same rating. That’s just the way we do it.


  2. I also like superhero movies and can not wait for the new Batman movie


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