Mommy Superpowers

supermomI may not look like a superhero, wear a costume, or fly, but for my kids, I feel like I have superpowers.  This will, I’m sure, change as they grow but for now it’s great.  I’m sure many of you moms or dads can relate or maybe some of you can remember your parents in their ‘super’ phase.

My kids come running to me when they are hurt because my first power is that mommy’s kisses can heal all boo-boos.  My weapon of choice for that battle would have to be a box of character band-aids though.  A mommy kiss and a fun band-aid truly make my kids feel better faster.

Mommy knows all!  That is my second superpower.  Weapon of choice here would have to be Google search.  But the kids always look so proud when I seem to be able to help them with school work, projects or general information.  Maybe when they reach higher levels of math and science I will have to enlist their dad as my side-kick.

Mommy can cook like a master chef.  I’ve never thought I was more than an average cook but for the kids, mommy’s cooking is their favorite.  Though when we started watching the MasterChef show together, they started asking for much more complex menu selections.  For now, they rather have my cooking than go out to eat so I’m happy.

Mommy can ward off evil.  Now that is a pretty cool superpower!  I don’t know how I do it but apparently being near mommy makes them feel secure and not afraid.  This is a heart-warming feeling but I do want them to grow to be less scared and more independent.  In the meantime, I will chase away the creepy things and protect them with my hugs and humor.

There is a special joy in parenting and each stage has its own fun.  My kids are still young enough that they are still quite impressed with their mom and think she has super abilities.  It makes me feel like their hero.  It makes me want to live up to all their expectations and fulfill all their needs.  I’m sure they will get to another stage where mommy seems much more human and fallible but that’s fine too.  For now I will don my cape and utility belt and be their go-to superhero!


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I'm a stay-at-home/sometimes working mom who has lots of opinions on Entertainment, Books, Parenting and Life in general! My thoughts stem from my experiences as a former career professional, mom, wife, and as a wacky, wonderful, woman! Friends have told me for years to share my thoughts publicly about the latest movies and TV shows so I finally am but I have lots of other thoughts to share so now I ramble here...
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  1. Moms do have superpowers.


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