Making the Most of a Snow Day

snowAs kids we were thrilled by snow days but as adults we are horrified by them.  Our minds start spinning with thoughts of how to manage the kids if we have to get to work and then we dread the idea of having to go out and shovel.  The kids just think about how much fun it is to play in the snow and go sledding or build a snowman.  It’s the difference between the joys of being carefree compared to the weight of handling responsibilities.  I think that is why adults seem so jaded about snow compared to the kids.

I’m totally guilty of looking at all the negatives when I hear a forecast for snow.  My back starts hurting at the thought of clearing it and I get bummed about being home-bound because of slippery roads.  I start anticipating all the activities and work that will have to be made up and thinking of how to keep the boys occupied.  Then, occasionally, I have looked out a window to admire the beauty of the blanket of snow across the landscape and the trees lined with white.  It really is a marvel when you aren’t busy being cranky and taking it for granted.  Not that those feelings aren’t normal when you’ve had so much snow.

Yesterday’s snow day was different, however.  Maybe I got all my stressing about missing work out by morning so I had the rest of the day to chill (no pun intended).  I let the boys enjoy their video games for a while and do a little bit of studying.  After that we enjoyed fun meals together, shoveled (painful!), played games and built a giant puzzle.  It wasn’t stuff we do on a typical day but snow days are random so they call for some random fun.  We all felt very accomplished after our puzzle was complete and everyone was relaxed and happy.  I didn’t hate the snow day.  I guess in the summer we need to take some time to smell the roses but in the winter we should take time to enjoy the snow!

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