Is “The Maze Runner” Appropriate for Kids

Maze Runner, movie, kidsThough I never read the books, I was curious to watch the movie based on The Maze Runner.  My kids were interested too since the trailers appealed to people who liked things like The Hunger Games or Divergent.  We all did, so we were sucked in to this one too.  It was entertaining and intense.  It is based on a dystopian society where a group of children are trapped on a glade which is surrounded by a maze.  There are dangerous things that lurk within that maze that ensures that no one will leave the glade.

I wasn’t sure from the trailer if this movie would be appropriate for my kids who are almost 10 and 12.  They are boys and have seen most of the superhero movies and enjoy science fiction and fantasy.  Still, I wasn’t sure if this one was too dark and violent.  Well, we gambled after reading a few opinions on the internet and went as a family.  As we were watching, I turned to my husband and said, “I don’t think we should have brought the boys”.  There were many intense scenes of fear and violence.  There were some creepy images of creatures and dead bodies and some foul language.  I think this movie is ideally for kids that are a couple of years older than me but that’s my opinion.  My boys said they weren’t scared but they did cover their eyes during one or two scenes.  I think my kids were desensitized because of watching The Hunger Games but they had read those books and didn’t watch that on the big screen.  This was a bit more terrifying on the big screen.

I guess everyone has to use their judgement and gauge their kids’ reactions and maturity.  As far as an adult view on the movie…it was good.  I enjoyed the story, concept and the acting.  Unfortunately, I had not read the books and was left with more questions than answers by the end of the movie.  I guess they are making sure we come back for the sequel!

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