Back to School Blues

Back to school blues, homework starts, summer is overToday my kids, like many others, went back to school after summer break.  It was a morning of mixed feelings. They were excited about seeing their friends again along with the curiosity about what adventures the new class would hold.  Yet there was also a bit of sadness to let go of the fun and freedom of summer vacation.  Now the trips are on hold, the pool is closed, bedtime is earlier and television is limited.  Suddenly they have to remember that homework is more important than playing with friends,  Focus takes precedence over fun.  I think this will take a little while to register and I’m sure they will fight me on it.  I’m glad they fully enjoyed their summer.  Though I wanted them to do a little work and have some routine, I tried to give them the freedom to be kids and enjoy this precious time.  After all, the stress and responsibilities only grow as they will grow.

Though, the back to school blues don’t only apply to my kids, they also apply to me as a mom.  I can’t deny that I am happy to have a bit of quiet time to myself.  I’m also happy to be able to get all my errands done without dragging two unhappy and fighting boys behind me.  Now I can even get to my own doctors since taking care of my health took a backseat recently to making sure I took the kids to all their doctors and tests while they were home.  Despite all these benefits of sending the kids back to school, there is an emptiness I feel.  I got used to all their noise, smiling faces, hugs and even their fighting.  I loved that I was able to partake in their learning, fun and watching them grow. Not all parents get as much time with their kids as I have so I know I’m blessed.  It is often frustrating and exhausting but when I’m calm I see how wonderful it is.  These years are passing so quickly and they are growing and changing.  They are becoming more independent but still love having Mom around and I love that feeling.  I know that as they get older they won’t love me less but they may want me around less so I’m enjoying it while I can!

So back to early bedtimes, lots of studying, rushing around and soccer filled weekends,  Summer, we will miss you and your warm weather and casual fun.  But, I think we will enjoy the newness and excitement of fall and the new school year.  Now it’s time for the bus and to hear all the great stories of the first day of school…can’t wait!


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