The Mummy- Quick Review

mummyWe watched The Mummy movie that just came out this weekend.  I wasn’t encouraged by the critic reviews but it seemed interesting from the previews and user reviews.  We also generally enjoy Tom Cruise movies so we went.  It was better than the reviews I read but definitely not a great movie.  I liked the first couple of movies in the Mummy series but they were pretty bad later on.  This one goes somewhere in the middle.  There was no Brendan Fraser so that made it different as well.  It was less campy and humorous than the old movies.  The action and effects were good and Tom was good to watch.  However, I thought it was much more gross and gory than the others.  In fact, one of the gross scenes was completely gratuitous. There were also a lot of zombies which I did not expect and I’m not a fan of those.  That being said, it was still a good big screen watch if you’ve already seen Wonder Woman and want to go to the movies.  This movie also seemed like it was setting the stage for a franchise of Dark Universe movies with other monsters.  It had Russell Crowe in an interesting and unexpected role as well.  Maybe the future movies will be better!


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