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The Avengers– Yaay!

This weekend the boys and I ended up watching the new Avengers movie twice and it did not disappoint.  We had promised their dad that we would wait for him to return from a business trip and watch it on … Continue reading

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True Friends

Recently I blogged about true closeness in a relationship not being hindered by distance, but what brings people to that point where you can feel so close?  Well, after I wrote I had two unplanned visits with true friends and … Continue reading

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Teaching our kids community service…

Many of our kids are growing up quite comfortable financially and they often have little exposure to others that are not.  They have a very narrow and privileged view of the world.  They are definitely lucky and I wouldn’t want … Continue reading

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Kids Are Making Mommy Adventurous!!!

Being a cautious person by nature and one with little athletic ability, I wasn’t very adventurous growing up.  I think that may be changing though, because of my kids.  I think I am feeling the need to face some fears … Continue reading

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Mommy’s not perfect anymore….

I don’t know at what age kids stop thinking their parents are perfect but I recently got a glimpse of it with my 9 year old.  Last week I was struggling to get my older son (9 years old) to … Continue reading

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