‘Gone Girl’ the Movie

gone girl, movie, film ben affleck, rosamund pikeIt’s doing well in the theaters and I had read the book, so I was eager to watch the Gone Girl movie.  My husband and I watched it on our date last night.  It was interesting to see his shocked reactions since he didn’t know anything about the story.  I won’t give any spoilers except to say that it isn’t a lovey dovey date night movie or one that makes you want to run out and get married.

Otherwise, I would say it did a good job of following the book and the same issues I had with the story in the book were the same things I disliked about the movie screenplay.  It was compelling to watch and really kept you interested though.  Both Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike did a brilliant job in their roles.  They brought the book’s main characters to life very well.  They were just as I had imagined them.  I enjoyed the movie but might not have had to see it in the theater if I wasn’t curious about how they adapted the book.  Theater or rental though, it will keep you interested!

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