The New Fall TV Shows

tv shows, new tv, fall lineup, televisionWith great television shows like Dexter and Breaking Bad ending forever, I was looking to the fall line-up to step up with some great new fiction.  I tried to check out, at least once, most of the new shows that looked interesting.  I’m more into dramas than sit-coms but I had to check out the new comedies starring Michael J. Fox and Robin Williams.  They are both great comedians and actors so I had high expectations.  After one episode of The Michael J. Fox Show, I decided I was no longer interested.  I still adore M.J.F. and did find him amusing but the show was rather dull and I had to refrain from shutting it off in the middle.  Maybe it will improve but it is never going to be as funny as Modern Family.  As for The Crazy Ones, starring Robin Williams, I have watched both episodes so far.  Robin is hilarious as always and constantly cracking jokes.  I can’t say the rest of the cast, including Sarah Michelle Gellar are as interesting.  Hopefully given time, the characters will develop and the story lines as well.  For now, I’m watching it as a Robin Williams stand-up act and also because the setting is an advertising agency and my husband works in that industry.

Now for my true love, the dramas! Dun dun duuun!  There are many new shows that looked interesting and right up my alley….crime shows, spy shows, and fantasy of course.  I’ll start with The Blacklist which is the one I am most interested in so far.  It is about spies and secrets and James Spader plays a wanted man who is suddenly willing to work with a particular FBI agent to help capture international criminals.  He is such a good actor and his dialogue delivery is always amazing.  His chemistry with the FBI agent works well too so I think this show has hope even though it is not a unique concept.  Another show with a good cast of actors and an intense story is Hostages.  I’ve been watching it so far on DVR but I’m not sure this one can sustain its intensity.  It’s about a surgeon whose family is held hostage so that she will kill the President while operating on him.  The characters are all strong but it just doesn’t seem like enough material to drag out for a whole season.  For now it is interesting though.

As for the fantasy shows, one that I think has hope is The Originals, which is the spin-off of Vampire Diaries.  It is based in New Orleans and is about the original vampires and a coven of witches.  We got a taste of it during the last season of Vampire Diaries and it seems interesting so far.  In true CW style, it is full of attractive people as well.  The other show that I had really been looking forward to is Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D which is based on the Avengers but without the superheroes.  It has Agent Coulson and a team of interesting spies and tech wizards.  Both episodes so far were fun and adventurous but something seems to be lacking here as well.  It just doesn’t have me dying to watch the next episode like with Arrow.  Maybe it needs more of an underlying story that keeps us hooked and not just single-episode stories.  Since I was excited about this one and since I can sometimes watch it with my boys, I’ll give this one some more time too.  Then there is the FOX show Sleepy Hollow.  This one is interesting and mysterious and the main actor is quite charismatic.  My only issue with this show is that it has too much horror and gore.  I generally am not squeamish, being that I like crime shows and vampires, but this one adds an element of creepiness that just might keep me from watching for long.

That’s my take on the new fall shows.  I haven’t sampled them all but at least a few of each genre.  I’m not sure if you all have checked these out or any others, but I’d love your opinions.  I’m always happy to chat with others who share my love of good television!

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