Chicago Fire- A New Favorite

chicago fire show, nbc, dick wolf, firefighters, jesse spencer, taylor kinneyOne of this season’s new shows that has made me a loyal follower is Chicago Fire on NBC.  Each episode gets you interested with the stand-alone stories of rescue.  However, the ongoing character development and insight into the personal lives of the firefighters and paramedics keeps you hooked.  It is produced by Dick Wolf of Law & Order fame and also has a great writers from movies like Wanted.  The talented cast is full of good-looking faces, some famous and others who are newer.  My three favorites would have to be Jesse Spencer (House) who plays Lt. Casey, Taylor Kinney as Lt. Severide, and Monica Raymund as Paramedic Gabriela Dawson.

Each of these characters, along with the others in the show, has a difficult personal story that they put aside during each crisis to work together to save lives.  Casey is going through a separation with his fiance and also works a second job as a contractor.  Severide is dealing with a spinal injury that causes him a lot of pain which he hides from his team for fear of being put on disability.  He deals with it by illegally acquiring prescription drugs which he also needs to hide.  Gabriela is a strong woman who tries to do the right things even though they get her in trouble.  She also has secret feelings for Casey.  Many of the characters are also dealing with the loss of one of their own and that created some tension at the start of the season.

The actors all do a good job but I am actually really in awe of seeing what the firefighters and paramedics have to do for a living.  They really are heroes and there is so much more to their job than just putting out fires or rescuing cats.  They are first responders to all kinds of disasters.  They have to risk their lives in crumbling buildings, car crashes, raging fires, etc. to save lives.  They deal with some of the most unusual situations that I never realized could be part of their job.  It may be fiction but the subject is one of such heroism and it’s done well so it really leaves you in awe.  Check it out.  It will definitely make you want to donate to your local firefighters!

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