Trick or Treating

Halloween, expensive halloween, trick or treat, costumesIn a few days, it will be Halloween and all the fun and madness that goes with it.  In our town, and most, the celebrations started weeks ago with Halloween nights and parties at the schools and events at the malls.  It has become a much bigger holiday than when I was a kid and it is no longer just for kids.  Grown-ups are throwing lots of Halloween parties as well and many times no kids are invited.  This is no longer a time where most kids had homemade costumes since now there is such a huge industry and sometimes it is easier or cheaper to buy your favorite character costume off the rack.  Though, people still applaud the effort and creativity of an innovative, homemade costume, most parents are too busy to devote the time.  After all, these things are worn once.  Correction, now with the extra parties, they may be worn twice.

It’s a fun time though, even if it does get expensive.  $30 per costume or more and then another $40 on candy in a neighborhood like ours and then all the baked goods and treats you need to buy or make for the schools.  If you decorate your house then add that in as well, not to mention all the elaborate Jack-o-lanterns you must carve.  The kids love it and get away with eating more sweets than you would ever allow.  For half of November I feel like I need to detox the kids (and myself) from all that sugar.  Then of course, Thanksgiving comes and we pig out on pies and a huge meal.  Oh well!

This year I heard the most elitist letter that has gone viral on the internet regarding Halloween.  A woman in a rich neighborhood complained that kids from other less affluent areas were coming to her area to trick or treat.  She didn’t want to give those kids treats and felt they should stay in their locality.  How rude and ridiculous.  I could understand if the outside children were vandalizing their homes or something.  However there was no such issue.  She simply didn’t want to share her candy with poorer children on a holiday that is all about giving candy to whoever comes to your door.  In my neighborhood we have the opposite dynamic.  Many kids from developments with huge homes come to our development since you can more easily walk from house to house and get more candy.  There are also many more kids in our area so those kids find it more fun to trick or treat away from their mansions.  Should we complain about not wanting to share our middle-class candy with the one-percenters?  I think not!  Just go out and have fun and just hope that your kids are safe.  Unfortunately, there are people more awful than this snooty lady that can try to ruin Halloween.  Send your kids in groups to well lighted areas and check for suspicious candy before they dig in.  Happy Halloween!!!

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