2013 Golden Globes

Best actor, Les Miserables, Golden globe winnerI love awards nights so of course I watched last night’s Golden Globes.  My lifestyle doesn’t allow me to attend Golden Globe watching parties so I watched with my husband and texted girly comments and reactions with my cousin.  It was a fun night.  First time hosting team Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did a great job.  They were a good team and quite funny with even a few unexpected zingers.  It was also a treat to watch Pres. Clinton announce Lincoln as a best dramatic picture nominee even if it didn’t win the Globe (there’s always the Oscars).

The big television winners were Homeland which took best actor, actress, and dramatic series awards and Girls which won best actress and best series in the comedy category.  Game Change also received three awards so a big night for HBO and Showtime.  I haven’t yet watched Girls but I did think Game Change was worthy of its awards.  I’m also an avid fan of Homeland but wasn’t sure it deserved all those awards this year since this season, though compelling to watch, wasn’t as strong as season one.

As for the movies, Argo took best director and best drama while Les Miserables won best film in the comedy/musical category.  Hugh Jackman also won best actor in that category while Daniel Day Lewis took best actor for a dramatic role.  Both were extremely well deserved and both gave very eloquent and heartfelt speeches.  Ben Affleck apparently forgot to thank a couple of people (including George Clooney) so his wife did it for him when she went to present another award.  Cute and very convenient I would say.  The best actress in a drama went to Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty and Jennifer Lawrence won for comedy in Silver Linings Playbook.  I still haven’t seen either of these movies but now I will be more motivated.  Isn’t that the point to these shows (well besides all the glamour)?

Speaking of glamour, everyone looked pretty great.  There were a few stunners and a few disasters as usual.  In my opinion, Helena Bonham Carter had a crazy look which has become a norm for her.  She is so beautiful but seems to want to dress like her wacky characters.  I also wasn’t a fan of Jessica Chastain’s look.  Her dress did nothing to flatter her figure or coloring.  On the flip side, Claire Danes chose well and the fact that you can’t tell she had a baby recently doesn’t hurt.  Taylor Swift also looked very stunning in her aubergine colored gown and Stacy Keibler looked perfectly elegant in her black Armani prive gown.  She was a great match for George Clooney who looked dashing in his tux.  Most of the men, including Leo and Ben, looked quite dapper and I didn’t see anyone wearing anything odd this year.  It was a fun Hollywood night to be part of (even from your own home) and I’m now looking forward to Oscar night!

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