Yaay! A great new show- “Touch”

So Keifer Sutherland seems to have done it again in picking a great show to star in.  ”Touch”, a new show on Fox that is made by Tim Kring, the creator of Heroes, seems to have a lot of promise.  Keifer plays a very different role than we were used to as a caring father of an emotionally challenged son Jake (David Mazouz).  Jake seems to have an uncanny ability to see the future through numbers and patterns in the world that people of normal intelligence do not notice.  Keifer realizes his son’s gift and sees it as an opportunity to stop bad things from happening.  He also sees it as an opportunity to connect in some way to the 11 year old son who never speaks or allows himself to be touched.  This adds a very emotional element to a show that is otherwise science fiction based.  An additional emotional layer stems from Keifer being a single working class father who lost his wife in the towers on 9/11.

The episode this past week was more of a sneak peak since the show will properly start airing in March.  All I can say is, “I can’t wait!” and I’m very happy to have a new, intelligent show with a creative storyline and good acting.  I’m sure many of you will love it too!

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