Superbowl- for the non-football fans…

Like many others I know, I’m not a fan of watching football.  However, once a year I get really excited to watch a full game.  That game would be the Superbowl!  Is it because of the half-time show, the parties, the fun commercials?  Well, those help but I actually do enjoy watching the sport on this one Sunday of the year.

I think that part of the reason is that it is an all-American tradition for an all-American sport.  It is something that brings friends and family together with food, fun, and a bit of healthy competition.  The alcohol doesn’t hurt either.

Out of respect to this tradition, I feel its good to learn some background on the teams, the top players and know the basics of the game.  This way I enjoy watching the sport and don’t ruin it for the true fans by asking ignorant questions while they’re concentrating on a play.  Years ago, I had a girlfriend at work who would fill me in as the playoffs progressed so I’d be ready.  Now, I have to keep up with tidbits on my own.

This year is especially exciting since it is our local team and one that I grew up hearing my brother cheer for.  Therefore, I consider myself a Giants fan and will root for them over the Patriots.  A tough match-up since both teams have three Superbowl wins.  It should be a good game though and hopefully the Giants win over New England like they did in 2008.  So will it be Eli Manning and Cruz over Tom Brady and Ochocinco?  I hope so.  But, whoever you’re cheering for, enjoy the company, the drinks, the fatty food, Madonna, the game and most of all the tradition!!!!!

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