Allergies Attack!

Allergens, Seasonal allergies, Zyrtec, singulair, allegraAllergy season is here again, though for some it never left.  Both my kids have horrible seasonal allergies.  I guess they inherited it from me and my husband, but mostly from me.  All day today I’ve been dealing with a major headache despite taking my Allegra.  The allergies just drain you and hit hardest at the beginning of the season when you’re not quite sure what you’re dealing with.  Is it a cold, a migraine, or am I just nuts?  Then eventually you realize and start taking your meds regularly and also get used to the misery.

I really feel bad for our kids though.  They don’t know how to deal with misery, nor should they have to.  They also gain a lot more exposure to the allergens because they still want to go out to play despite the evil lurking outdoors.  As a parent, I don’t want to lock them inside either because that would cause other issues like Vitamin D deficiency, Obesity and general slothfulness.  I wouldn’t want to be guilty of that now.  Therefore, I let them go out, run around in the grass, take in the ‘fresh air’ and come back congested.  Then every night I dutifully dope them up on Zyrtec, Singulair and Nasonex and hope for the best.  We make it through the season okay but about once a season there is a morphing into an ear or sinus infection and then we have to deal with antibiotics.  My little one is still a mystery to his allergist since he is constantly sniffling or clearing his throat despite the meds.  It’s a lot of fun to go to the movie theater with him while he’s doing that!

I know our health issues could be a lot worse so I’m not complaining…..scratch that, since I am complaining.  But I do recognize that it’s not the end of the world, it just means that it is the end of the summer.  Time to stock up on my Allegra and Kleenex and do what I can for my sniffly boys.  Hope my fellow allergy sufferers are faring well!

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4 Responses to Allergies Attack!

  1. mamacravings says:

    I hear ya. I even stayed home today with my tissues and attempts to hack up my left lung. The doctor says that I has a sinus infection, seasonal allergies and bad case of bronchitis. Le sigh. No wonder I feel like I’ve been run over by a Mack truck.

    I’m using a lot of lavender oil and a blended oil called Breathe. It does wonders. They even have cough drops…which taste suspiciously like perfume, but it’s honestly worth it. It helps keep my kiddo’s asthma at bay as well.


  2. jack says:

    i don’t remember any of these drugs and allergies when we were growing up. Sadly i know my kids know the names of Rx drugs far too well and at too early of an age (in my opinion). I’m sure some conspiracy theorists would say it has to do with the Pharma companies injecting these things into the air. I wonder if it just natural as we all evolve to a changing environment. Without turning into Ql Gore, I do believe there is an environmental component to all of this – but how can we solve it? Sadly i’m not sure we can and will have to continue to feed the Pharma fuel tanks ….. they have just been fortunate to not only get us addicted to them in old age – but now from age 3 as well!


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